The revolutionary tool for shared houses.

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Managing Housework Fairly,
Without All The Fuss.

No Slack takes away stress and responsibility of managing and fairly delegating housework for shared tenants.

Task Delegation

Using our revolutionary task delegation algorithm, NoSlack automatically assigns household tasks to members of the house based on past and current workloads. Stop arguments and let NoSlack decide who should do the washing up tonight.


Receive instant browser notifications when somebody has completed a job. The NoSlack dashboard updates in real time when other members are using it. Always receive the most up-to-date information about the important things in life, your home.


NoSlack keeps track of exactly who has done what and how well they've done it. Analyse graphs to gain insights on who has been doing their fair share of the chores and who has not.

Crafted with care by FullSlack for COMP3207